• 15TH YEAR OF Excellence 
• Years of Journey to Promote Gwadar Locally and Internationally
• Oldest Platform of Builders & Developers of Gwadar
• Only platform of its kind, second to none
• Conducted 100s of Members Meetings
• Participated in 100s of Events, Seminars and Workshops
• Conducted dozens of events with Government Officials
• Appearance in 100s of Local & International Newspapers and Magazines
• Presence in 100s of TV News and updates
• Participated in dozens of TV Talk shows and Live Discussion Panels
• Organized 100s of open lectures to promote Gwadar Smart City
• Conducted dozens of sessions with GDA to address and sort out Members and stakeholders issues

INTRODUCTION: GBDA (Gwadar Builders & Developers Association) is a multi-functional special interest group, dedicated to participate in the promotional activities of Gawdar deep seaport locally and globally. GBDA was established in December 2004 due to the following reasons and background

• To establish a platform where developers and builders could address their issues and concerns
• To address security matters, regulatory issues and socio-cultural concerns.
• To act as a development partners with GDA and other Development Authorities
• To secure the investment of clients as well as the builders and developers of Gwadar
• To resolve the issues among local land owners and builders


We welcome local authorities, technocrats, traders, builders, architects, investors, financial institutions, cargo & shipping companies, political & social figures, marketing & advertising agencies, TV, media & press, related professionals and general public to support and uplift our noble cause to promote Gwadar Smart City to benefit our country and our nation. Gwadar Smart City is an international project and it will benefit to number of nations and the whole world.

• To promote Gwadar locally and internationally as a Future Economic Hub of Pakistan
• To represent Gwadar on several different business and economic forums
• To deal with local, provincial and federal government bodies
• To deal with press and media both locally and internationally
• To deal with technocrats and policy makers
• To keep an eye on national and international current affairs
• To keep track record of important events and daily news
• To develop and circulate newsletters and press releases
• To conduct Seminars, Conferences, Exposure Lectures and Workshops
• To organize exhibitions and trade shows
• To conduct members’ monthly annual and special purpose meetings
• To conduct regular research and development related to geo strategic issues
• To fight against the all negative propagandas and to promote the Ground Realities


1. Mr. Aasif Mun
2. Mr. Ahmed Iqbal Baloch
3. Mr. Ashraf Hussain Baloch
4. Mr. Junaid Taloo
5. Col. Maqbool Afridi
6. Mr. Mir Nazar
7. Mr. Kauda Babar
8. Mr. Iqbal Akhtar Hussain
9. Mr. Awais Iqbal
10. Mr. Ibrar Khan Niazi
11. Mr. Haneef Mustafvi

Tribute to Late Founding Members:

1. Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Siddique (Late)
2. Mr. Muhammad Muzammil Naqi (Late)
3. Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Baloch(Late)
4. Mr. Abdul Aziz Singhera(Late)


1. Mr. Ahmed Iqbal Baloch (President)

2. Mr. Aasif Mun (Senior Vice President)
3. Mr. Mehmood Ahemd Khan (Vice President)
4. Mr. Ibrar Khan Niazi (Vice President)
5. Mr. Ghulam Haider Dashti (Vice President)
6. Mr. Muhammad Basit Mehmood (General Secretary)
7. Mr. Affan Qurashi (Joint Secretary)
8. Mr. Faisal Idrees (Finance Secretary)
9. Mr. Baqar Billal Hussain (Information Secretary)
10. Mr. Humyoon Saeed (Coordination Secretary)
11. Mr. Shammaz Usman (Coordination Secretary)
12. Mr. Naeem Khan (Executive Member)
13. Mr. Tariq Munir (Executive Member)
14. Mr. Rafiq Siddique (Executive Secretary)


Head Office: Karachi: VG House, The Plaza Suite No. 207, 2nd Floor, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Block 9, Clifton. Contact: 021-111-947, Mobile: 0306-2705938

Lahore: 3-R Almas Tower, 3rd Floor, M.M. Alam Road, Gulberg. Contact: 042-111-414-243

Islamabad: 703, Street No. 19, Bahria Town, Phase-4. Contact: 051-5146145
Gwadar: Shop No. 5, 6, 7, Airport Road, Near Al Shifa Hospital. Contact: 086-4211022

Website: www.dbda.pk | Email: info@gbda.pk