Founder at
Principal Consultant at
Marvel System


“Lifetime Achievement Awards Recipient”


• Recipient 2015-16 from Niazi Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. (Pakistan)
• Recipient 2017-18 from Adab Saraae International (Saudi Arabia)
• Founder, Waqar e Pakistan (Literary Research Cloud) www.waqarpk.com


• Principal Consultant, Marvel System (Business Consultancy) www.marvelsystem.com
• Director Operations, Niazi Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. www.niazigroup.com
• Consultant at Ecocare Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd. www.ecocare.pk
• Adab Saraae International (Literary Forum) www.adabsaraae.com
• Chief Executive Officer, SocioOn Urdu Social Network www.socioon.com
• Media Advisor, Gwadar Builders & Developers Association Advisor


Mian Waqar ul Islam is Founder and Principal Consultant at Marvel System. Since the inspection of Marvel System (in year 1995), it has grown into multi-divisional and multi-disciplinary organization with its international partners and innovative solutions providers. Key areas of Marvel System are including Company Registration, Patents & Trade Marks, Curriculum Development, Graphics Designing, Branding & Packaging, Staffing & HR Development, Marketing Research, Business Promotion, Corporate Financing, Local and Int’l Franchising, Licensing Programs, Professional Training, Research & Development, Corporate Digitizing, Re-Engineering and Globalizing. Mian Waqar ul Islam is Group Consultant and Advisor as well as former Director Operations at Niazi Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd., in the year 2016-17, he was also awarded “A Life Time Achievement Award” against his 15 years dedicated services, longest & full-time committed affiliation with group. Mian Waqar ul Islam is Consultant & Advisor as well as Executive Member at Adab Saraae International, in the year 2018-19, he was also awarded “A Life Time Achievement Award” against his 15 years dedicated literary services, longest & full-time committed affiliation with globally renowned Urdu literary forum. He is Life Time Member of 10 CEO Forums and presiding 10 Specialized Business Alliances under Marvel System Investment Federation. He is the Author & Compiler of 5 Research Publications Series. His research work contains 40 plus books and covers over 10,000 white papers.


2018 USRP: Urdu Social Research Program
2017 ITRP: Industrial Technologies Research Program
2016 CPEC: China Pak Economic Corridor Research Program
2015 SWRP: Solar and Wind Energy Research Program
2014 HMRP: Homeland Security Research Program
2013 HTRP: Holographic Technologies Research Program
2013 SPRP: Security Printing Research Program
2012 ALRP: Agriculture and Live Stock Research Program
2011 CSRP: Community Skills Research Program
2010 SFRP: Sea Food Research Program
2010 AERP: Alternate Energies Research Program
2009 PFRP: Pre-Fabricated Steel Structures
2008 MCRP: Media City Research Program
2007 TMRP: Transit Medium Research Program
2006 HR3-P: Human Resource Robotics Research Program
2005 PSRP: Public Surveillance Research Program
2005 MSRP: Micro Finance Research Program
2004 SDRP: Social Development Research Program
2004 GTRP: Graphics Technologies Research Program
2003 CLRP: Cyber Law Research Program
2003 IFMS: International Franchising Management System
2003 WTRP: Wireless Technology Research Program
2002 ASRP: Advance Servers Research Program
2001 USCS: Universally Sustainable Computer Suite
2000 MAP: Measurement of Adjustable Personality
1999 PPMS: Public Payphone Management System


I have been brought-up in a very discipline atmosphere where values and principles have always been given priority. It gives me great pleasure to give introduction of my family. I belong to a Saraiki speaking Arain family. I am settled in Lahore and my family is living in Mailsi, Vehari, Multan. Our relatives are chiefly associated with farming and related businesses. My respected father Mian Abdus Salam, is an experienced advocate. My mother is a house wife. She has been a great source of motivation in my life. I have three brothers and no sister. They all are loving and supporting in nature. I got married dated 17 February, 2009. I have three kids; Mian Ismail Waqar 8 years old, Mariam Waqar 7 years old and Mian Yahya Waqar 2 years old.


I finished my primary schooling and secondary high Schooling from home town. My matriculation was completed from Government High School, Mailsi. I also earned my Diploma in Commerce (D.COM) from Government Commercial Training Institute Mailsi. After matriculation I also completed few, basic computing course from Pakistan Computer College Mailsi. For my graduation program I moved to Multan and completed my Graduation from Bahuodin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan (Government College of Commerce Multan.) I also finished my advance computer learning from Jupiter Computer Colleges, Multan. After my graduation I moved to Lahore and completed my Master in Business Administration (MBA-MIS) from International School of Management Sciences, (ISMS) Newport University California, USA (Lahore Campus, Pakistan). Meanwhile, I also completed professional certifications of Microsoft (MCP) and Cisco (CCNA) from Corvit System. Apart from It, I also completed Diplomas in English Language (from Newport University) and ISP Configuration (from Corvit System).


  • Mann Katehra (Poetry)
  • Shehr-E-Daghdar (poetry)
  • Dil Aj Bhi Maqrooz Hai (Poetry)
  • My Life Notes (Articles)
  • Visual Poetry Art (Poetry)
  • A Short Biography
  • Misal-E-Kulyat (Poetry), 1 Publication
  • Fikar-E-Sultan (Articles), 1 Publication
  • MW Portfolio Series English Editions,
    6 Publications
  • MW Portfolio Series Urdu Edition,
    1 Publication
  • Gwadar Newsbooks 10+ Publications
  • Best Life Notes (Articles), 10+ Publications
  • Waqar -E- Sukhan (Poetry), 10+ Publications
  • 100+ People Who Have Shaped
    MS Knowledge Series (Interviews)
  • Soz-E-Mehshar (Poetry)
  • Poetry & Articles Collections[4+ Seasonal Series]


  • Author: Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil, Publications:
    1. Muntiha-E-Ishq [Kulyat E Ghazal],
    2. Noor-E-Furqan [Manzoom Mafhoom],
    3. Ehad-E-Shahnaz [Mazameen]
  • Author: Dr. Sultan Mehmood Publications:
    1. Meetha Sach, 2. Ghizai Elaj
  • Author: Rubina Faisal, Publication: Khawabon Main Lipti Kahanian
  • Author: Suleman Jazib,
    Publication: Woh Eshaq Hi Kia Jo Qalander Na Kar Day
  • Author: Neelam Mallik, Publication: Neeli Anch
  • Author: Areeba Fatima: Publication: Kamiabi Ki Taraf Safar
  • Author: Nighat Nasreen, Publication: Jazba-e-Dil,
  • Author: Safia Sultana, Publication: Woh Ek Tara Muhabat Ka
  • Author Fakhra Parveen, Publication: Jeenay Ka Yahi Tareeqa Hai
  • Author: Nargis Noor, Publication: Kurlatt
  • Author: Kaneez Batool, Publication, Dastak Dar-E-Muqqafal
  • Author: Farheen Chaudhry, Publication: Main Aur Mufti Ji
  • Author: Hoot Shafi Muhammad,
    Publication: Dastur-e-Zuban Baluchi


Literary Research Cloud
Founder | 1995 to Now

Waqar e Pakistan Literary Research Cloud is the only platform of its kind on which Marvel System, Adab Saraae International and SocioOn have been working from past two decades. The main objective of Waqar e Pakistan Literary Research Cloud is to provide a platform for national and regional languages to be compatible with the requirements and needs of modern times, so our new generation could better socialize on regional and national levels. Those who are doing research work in any respect on national and regional languages can be encouraged and their work can not only be preserved but also reached out to as many people as possible at regional, national and inter-disciplinary levels through a strong social media platform. We believe that this modern facility will be a milestone for the development of regional and national languages and the entire country will benefit from this national asset.


Business Consultancy Network
Principal Consultant | 1995 to Now

Working in the Capacity of Principal Consultant at Marvel System. Marvel System offers wide range of business services including Company Registration, Patents & Trade Marks, Curriculum Development, Graphics Designing, Branding & Packaging, Staffing & HR Development, Marketing Research, Business Promotion, Corporate Financing, Local and Int’l Franchising Licensing Programs, Professional Training, Research & Development, Corporate Digitizing, Re-Engineering and Globalizing. Marvel System has served many different sectors including Health & Fitness, Education & Training, Banking & Finance, Corporate & Social Insurance, Art, Cultural & Heritage, Government & Defense, Social Development, Area Payphone System, Telecom Solutions and Services, Automobile Manufacturers, Solar & Wind Power, Water Turbines & Bio Energies, Real Estate Developers, Public Transportation, Cargo and Logistics, Transit, TV, Radio and Press.


Urdu Literary Organization
Advisor | 2004 to Now

Adab Saraae International is an Urdu Literary Organization, working in Pakistan since 1987. Its main objective is to educate the new writers and new poets and to provide them an open platform to recite their poetry and prose. The renowned poets, writers and scholars are the basic members of this organization which are serving to promote Urdu literature worldwide. Since its inception, Adab Saraae International is conducting regular monthly literary program. Now, Adab Saraae International is internationally recognized Name in the world of Urdu Literature. Senior Members of Adab Saraae International are actively participating in National and International Literary Events and also teaching in various Universities and Education Centers.


Urdu Social Network
CEO | 2005 to Now

We want to create new opportunities for the upcoming generations, we have tons of ideas which can reshape the face of Pakistan and we believe that youth of Pakistan is extremely talented who has the potential to do wonders. If we put this potential to the right use then sky is the limit for our progress and I believe that someday it will happen. We want to be the part of such initiatives which will bring youth towards productivity and innovation as they are our true force right now and also, they will be our future. So how our future decades are going to turn out is totally dependent on the productivity and innovation of our youth. We have contributed in this initiative of bringing youth towards productivity. SocioOn is the first ever social and business platform that has taken the initiative of Technology for Human Development (THD). Now people can share their ideas and products on SocioOn and earn money out of it.


2007 to Now | Principal Consultant

Worked in the Capacity of Principal Consultant at Ecocare. Ecocare started its journey under the umbrella of Tahir Rashid Consultant established in February 2015 and set high standards of professional counseling catering the needs of MDG (Millennium Development Goals) Requirements. Ultimate change, Safe Drinking Water, Alternate Energy, Food Security and Poverty Reduction etc; are its some of those main components. Interventions are based upon collection / analysis of field investigation data related to physical, biological and socio-economic environment of the allocated project areas. The services offered by Ecocare in the following disciplines, include Training and Awareness, Project Identification, Project Concept Documents, Project Design Documents, Verification and registration. Ecocare is associated with Skills International (Pvt) Limited, Sri Lanka, Green World Foods (Pvt) Limited, China, Eco-consultants (Pvt) Limited etc. Ecocare is involved in key projects of Multi-billion CPEC Initiative, Deepest Regional Seaport Gwadar Seaport and Largest National Solar, Wind and Coal Energy Programs.


2006 to Now | Director Operations, Lahore–Pakistan

Niazi Group is successful to achieve a dominant status in multiple sectors including construction business, real estate projects, transportation network, logistic services, tourism industry, bricks manufacturing and agricultural forming. Working in the capacity of Director Operations for several projects including (but not limited) Adan Villas, Alnoor Cargo City, INAT Group, Solar Tech, Gwadar Promotion Alliance, Niazi Bricks, Niazi Developers, Niazi Farm Houses and also providing host of consultancy service to overall group to vitalize their existing local and global dealers and representative network. Main activities including proposal writing and curriculum development, Event Management, Exhibitions Seminars, Trading, Import / Export, mergers and partnership building, dealing with overseas Pakistanis and multinational companies, developing consortiums with Chinese, European and other overseas Companies. Introduced many best invention products and innovated industrial solutions to Pakistani and International Markets.


2004 to Now, Advisor

GBDA (Gwadar Builders & Developers Association) is a multi-functional special interest group, dedicated to participate in the promotional activities of Gawdar deep seaport locally and globally. GBDA was established in December 2004 due to the following reasons and background: 1. To establish a platform where developers & builders could address their issues & concerns 2. To address security matters, regulatory issues and socio-cultural concerns. 3. To act as a development partner with GDA and other Development Authorities 4. To secure the investment of clients as well as the builders and developers of Gwadar 5. To resolve the issues among local land owners and builders


“Lifetime Achievement Awards”

Recipient 2015-16 from
Niazi Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. (Pakistan)

Recipient 2017-18 from
Adab Saraae International (Saudi Arabia).

“Business Excellence Awards”

Recipient 2018-19 from
Ecocare Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd. (Pakistan)

Recipient 2019-20 from
TS WYNE Limited (United Kingdom)

Recipient 2019-20 from
SEISENSE (Saudi Arabia)

Recipient 2018-19 from
ACME GROUP (Pakistan)

“Literary Excellence Awards”

Recipient 2019-20 from
Adab Saraae International Chairperson Forum (Saudi Arabia)

Recipient 2019-20 from
Hera Foundation (USA)

Recipient 2019-20 from
GVFCIGO International (USA)

Recipient 2018-19 from
Taleemi Baithak (Pakistan)

“Research Contribution Awards”

Recipient 2019-20 From “SOCIOON.COM
Pakistan’s 1st Social Media and Business Network,

Recipient 2018-19 From
Best Life Notes Publication Series

Recipient 2018-19 From
Waqar-e-Sukhan Publication Series

Recipient 2019-20 From
Marvel System Knowledge Series