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5. Articles & Publications
6. Career & Professional Background
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8. Motivation & Inspiration
9. Scope of Business & Practice Areas
10. Management & Leadership Style
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12. Previous & Current Projects
13. New Opportunities & Future Plans
14. Local & Global Affiliations
15. Success & Achievements
16. Social & Cultural Activities
17. Government Policies & Procedures
18. Suggestion to Government & Policy Makers
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Hi, my name is Baqar Bilal Hussain and I am a sole believer of Technology for Human Development (THD). I am honored to be President of Pakistan Energy Conservation Society (PECS) and I am a true ambassador of looking for sustainable energy sources. PECS is working day and night for conservation of energy in Pakistan because our country in suffering from energy loss at a massive level. Now a days, technology is very important because it is used for almost everything and in every aspect of life, making it easier, better and different. The world is now catching up the new technologies to enhance customer experience and you cannot afford to fall behind. Without any digital support and enterprise mobility tools, an enterprise cannot survive in this competitive market. A comprehensive solution from SocioOn (Digital-U) can help you to utilize the digital platform for your professional and organizational benefit.

Studies have shown that an increasing number of online customers are likely to research your brand on social media channels before they make a purchase from you. They will read reviews and feedbacks from other customers, as well as your own updates, to determine if you are worth it and trustworthy. In modern world today, the technology advancement is rapidly becoming the power and tool to help people improve their business, career, prospects, brand awareness and branch out to your target audience in the quickest and easiest way.

Digital World also gives you an opportunity to communicate with customers in a whole new way. You can answer questions, provide support for problems, and even reach out to potential clients who may be interested in your products. Having a business page on social media also gives you an opportunity to deliver traffic to your website.

Social media and its uses are increasing day by day with every passing second around the world, its utility is also increasing in Pakistan, and all kinds of customers understand the use and power of social media today. Considering 78% of internet users carry out product research online, it’s hard to understand why so many companies are lagging behind when it comes to savvy digital marketing skills.


I come from a very humble background, my father was a government employee and my mother was a house wife who loved us more than anything. So I and my brother being “boys” made sure that we take full advantage of mother’s love and care as she quite lenient with us. She is a very simple lady and both my father and mother are alive and well today.

My role model in life is my elder brother Iqbal Akhtar Hussain founder of SocioOn-Pakistan First Social Media and Business Network. A lot of us dream to be in the presence of a visionary or spend some moments with an intellectual person but I would say that I am fortunate enough to be brought up in a household where a visionary was always present in form of an elder brother and I can always seek guidance from him.

Our father was an honest government employee and he went through some tough times due to his honesty in a corrupt environment of that time. Once my father did not come home for 2 months because he did not get salary for these months. That was because he is strictly against bribery and due of this reason he got suspended but he never caved in because of his anger and pride. He is of the belief that neither would he participate in an activity related to corruption, nor would he let anybody get involved in that. He used to advise us to only do a job if we had no conscience because doing a job for somebody else stifles you as well as your creativity, he always encouraged us to be entrepreneurs. His monthly salary was 3200 and he used to give 2200 to my mother so we never have to worry. He was a Belf in session court, he could have made a lot of money by illegal means but his faith never allowed that. His salary was comparatively less but still my mother always tried her best to save up. When my father couldn’t get salary for two months we faced many difficulties, my elder brother Iqbal Akhtar Hussian gave full support to our mother. Once my mother cried because we ran out of firewood and couldn’t make food, then he took matters in his own hands being the oldest son and searched for wood for two hours. Similarly on Eids, instead of buying new clothes, we used to buy school uniforms so we could save money. When my father returned home, Brother Iqbal insisted that he would work in a factory but father told him to study and then start his own work, but we did not have enough money to do that, but our father assured us his full financial support. After all this, Brother Iqbal being the hard worker among us still decided to work and went for a night duty in a textile mill, the four hours he worked there was his first and last job.

While my brother was looking for business opportunities and working environments, I continued my studies alongside. I gave him my full support wherever necessary and needed and assisted him wherever I can. I was good in communication and designing so I did a lot of designs while studying also and keep in mind that we were very young while we were doing all of this. We used to manage our studies and work at the same time and believe me it was never easy. As we started our professional career very early so we were already ahead from our fellows and developed a business mind pretty early. We were really quick learners, drifted away from our friends because we were always busy working and the hustle never stopped and is still going on.

I hope that all of this clears that what kind of mindset I have and what kind of projects you can expect from our endeavors.


I finished my primary schooling and secondary high Schooling from home town. Afterwards I completed my Bachelors from a college in Pattoki while helping out in the family business.

After my graduation I moved to Lahore and completed my Masters (M.Sc.) in Communication Studies from Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan

Continuing studies alongside business was a real tough job but my heart was always set on knowledge so this desire kept me going and this strive has made me what I am today.


My education was has been regular throughout my life and I always kept my education as my first priority. Being a professional in communication studies I would say that I really enjoy interacting with people and see what ideas and vision an individual has. I have wide-ranging operational experience of many years at highest level in many organizations especially in energy sector and I am working as a specialist in energy policy in economics as well as managing energy conservation sector companies.

I have strong background in economic analysis and policy development, reflected in numerous publications in academic and policy journals and conference participation. Moreover I have a variety of experience and exposure to management issues, tax management, HR, and project management.

I have grasped extensive human resource and management policy experience to organizing a modernization effort which included improvements in the management framework and the policy formulation process. Skilled public speaker with ability to develop and lead public debate in diverse topics. Experienced at motivating and organizing civil society to develop ownership of major policy reform initiatives


I have published books on current affairs as a journalist and one of the famous books is “Jee Utho”. It is a Manqoola-o-ghair manqoola written by me. I have also published 2 other books and over 50 papers in major journals and edited volumes.

Apart from this I do write regularly in “The Weekender” on various issues that need to be addressed.


I have always been very dedicated towards my work and passionate about everything I do. I have many years of operational experience at highest level in many organizations especially in energy sector and I have also worked as a specialist in energy policy in economics as well as managing energy conservation sector in companies.

My strong background in economic analysis and policy development, reflected in numerous publications in academic and policy journals and conference participation. I also have a variety of experience and exposure to management issues, tax management, HR and project management. Extensive human resource and management policy experience in organizing a modernization effort which includes improvements in the management framework and the policy formulation process.

I am also proud to say that I am a skilled public speaker with ability to develop and lead public debates in diverse topics. I also have experienced at motivating and organizing civil society to develop ownership of major policy reform initiatives.


The “GET Group of Technologies” is a multinational company with strength of more than 200 plus trained and skilled staff, head office in Pakistan. It was founded in 1992 and is one of the most reputable companies in Pakistan.

For more than 30 years, GET Group has established a global reputation as a leading provider of security printing, physical security, business solutions, intelligent transportation systems and commercial card printing. The Get Group Business division is a multi-national group and has an extensive track record in successful delivery of important projects in Pakistan. The highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional multinational team continues to grow in line with planned development.

GET Group’s pioneering solutions, technological expertise, and wide integration capabilities help public sector organizations and private enterprises manage and optimize their processes and performance, thus providing them with a competitive advantage, synergies across their processes, and higher returns on operational investment. The group operates in Pakistan, China, KSA and more than other 47 countries, going forward, Get Group companies are building multinational businesses that seek to differentiate themselves through customer-centricity, morality, innovation, honesty, trustworthiness and values-driven business operations while balancing the interests of diverse stakeholders including employees and civil society.


My motivation & inspiration is none other than my own brother Mr. Iqbal Akhtar Hussain. He made me believe that how we can achieve greatness if we set our heart to it. He made me believe that a simple human brain is capable of so many things that are beyond belief. He made me believe that honesty never loses and we are here to serve a purpose that we should do that efficiently.

This is why I look up to my elder brother and seek guidance from whenever I need. And I am very much fortunate that I grew up with such a visionary who made me realize the true meaning of life at a very young age.


The Get Group has grown with Pakistan. It is globally recognized through its participation in Get-Technologies

• LED Lights (corporate sector)
• Get-Lite LED Lights (domestic sector)
• SocioOn (social cum Business)
• Al-Asal Developers
• Get Style Brand (life style store)
• Get News (media sector)


I personally believe that the people who interact with me on daily basis like my employees would be better judges of my management & leadership style. But I can say that I am the as blunt as one can be, I go by the rules and nothing gets my interest other than my rules and ethical beliefs. I would have achieved many things if I used some unfair means but I always went through proper channel and on merit. I do not try to bypass any rules or regulations for any business opportunity because that can become the black sheep of the herd.

I thank my Allah with all my heart that he has awarded me such success in business and personal life due to my honesty and integrity. Without honesty and integrity I would not have all of this today. So this gives me firm belief of the concept that honesty is indeed the best policy among others.


The Get Group offers a wide range of products and services, ranging from LED lights to housing societies. Get-Lite LED is pioneer company of Pakistan which brought LED in Pakistan and still offers an unmatched quality that no other provider can offer. Get Style is a lifestyle store that offers a wide variety of products ranging from electronic gadgets to make up products. Al-Asal developers is the leading investor group in Gwadar and is still the biggest investor in Gwadar so Get Group is everywhere as you can see. And now the massive breakthrough in Pakistan’s social media market is SocioOn which is Pakistan’s first Social Media and Business Network. SocioOn is solely based on the concept of Technology for Human Development (THD) which is empowering its users by the minute and this is one of its kind initiative that has never been taken before.


I have elaborated all my previous projects in detail here so my current projects mostly revolve around energy conservation to tackle the issue of energy shortage in Pakistan uplifting the nation with the help of “Technology for Human Development” (THD).

• Working on Energy Conservation by carrying the motto of “A Watt saved is much better than a watt produced”
• Helping planning commission of Pakistan and many organizations in private and public sector to make the energy conservation policy on federal level by exploring the segments of high energy consuming products and suggesting to reduce them up to 90% by implementing new technologies.
• Carrying and lobbing a campaign for the energy conservation rather than energy production. Working with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce carbon footprints and Clean Development Managements (CDM).
• Working on power quality issues and standards of energy saving devices with the head of electrical and engineering department of LUMS.
• Serving as the President of PECS (Pakistan Energy Conservation Society).
• Elevating and educating the country about Technology for Human Development (THD) through SocioOn and moving towards paperless economy and working for CSR and Socio-economic growth of the country.


I want to create new opportunities for the upcoming generations, being an entrepreneur myself I have tons of ideas which can reshape the face of Pakistan and I believe that youth of Pakistan is extremely talented who has the potential to do wonders. If we put this potential to the right use then sky is the limit for our progress and I believe that someday it will happen.

I want to be the part of such initiatives which will bring youth towards productivity and innovation as they are our true force right now and also they will be our future. So how our future decades are going to turn out is totally dependent on the productivity and innovation of our youth.

Being the CEO of SocioOn, I am very much thankful to the Almighty that I have contributed in this initiative of bringing youth towards productivity. SocioOn is the first ever social and business platform that has taken the initiative of Technology for Human Development (THD). Now people can share their ideas and products on SocioOn and earn money out of it. We consider your post as your product and how many people that will interact with it that how much you will earn. Also SocioOn is the first platform that has strong policies against hatespeech, pornography and negative propagation of news or fake news. And my future plans also include making SocioOn as the leading social media and business network worldwide in the coming years so stay tuned!


Being in business for many years I have developed various local and global affiliations. Local affiliations include Pakistan Media Council and I totally support them for strengthening of voice of journalists. Also I am working with Pakistan Media Council to bring their horizontal and vertical media together so that they can get maximum audience.

Also as I am the President of Pakistan Energy Conservation Society so I am affiliated with the top management in that energy sector as well and we are working day and night to focus on sustainable energy sources. Pakistan is suffering from severe energy crisis from many decades and it’s about time that we should focus on technology and conservation of energy if we want to inhabit comfortably in our country.

China being the industrial hub of the world and also dearest friend of Pakistan has worked a lot with companies from Pakistan. Being an entrepreneur and pioneer of LED lighting in Pakistan I do not think that it will come as a surprise that I have affiliations globally as well and most of them in China. We have completed automated production of LED lights in China that are due to our affiliations with Chinese industrialists.


Success and achievements go hand in hand, if one keeps achieving great things then at one point he or she is known as successful in the eyes of others, if I were to recall some of my noteworthy achievements, following are some that I am proud of.

• Published books on current affairs as journalist one of the famous is “Jee Utho”.
• Initiated and successfully led modernization project for many organizations, which involved downsizing, reorganizing, and retraining workers and reform of the management policy process and framework.
• Initiated and successfully led three initiatives in a major organization, energy conservation sector reform, and education reform. To ensure success of the reform efforts conducted highly successful public dialog with civil society.
• Led the team of Get technologies for developing training courses, including Market Development, currently being used widely in different countries.
• Published 2 books and over 50 papers in major journals and edited volumes
• Hosted and participated in many current affairs talk shows on electronic media one of the talk show hosted was” Jee Utho”” on Royal News.
• Designed and executed many awareness campaigns on electronic media. One of the effective and prominent campaign on electronic media was “Andhairay Main Matt Rehna” for the awareness of consuming less energy to reduce the severe energy crisis in Pakistan.
• Served in many organizations as a dynamic young C.E.O, proved good track record for the success and achievements in the Civil Society.


Pakistan is a nation whose very foundation was set on cultural, ethical and religious beliefs and no doubt Pakistan has a very unique society that has a very much richer culture to offer and we all love it by our heart. It is our responsibility to preserve and portray this culture in front of the world. This will develop the image of Pakistan and its people in a very broader way and it will display our ethical beliefs and uniqueness in culture also.

I discovered the severity of this matter at a very early age that how important it is for us to preserve our culture and ethical beliefs. Due to this I started working in social and cultural activities during my studies and held many activities and workshops to spread the awareness among others. We have four different states and each state has even richer culture that is backed up centuries of beautiful memories. So it is very important that we have knowledge of our roots and where we come from.

Working professionally right now my work on social and cultural activities is not ending because I am still at most of international summits and conferences to portray Pakistan and SocioOn together. This helps us to portray our societal beliefs and cultural values as well. Most recent events I attended are 2nd International Youth Summit 2018 (IYSL 2018) held in The University of Lahore (UOL) where we launched UOL Social as well for controlled community building which was powered by SocioOn. After that I attended the 12th ICOSST 2018 held in The University of Engineering and Technology where we launched UET Social for their controlled community building which was also powered by SocioOn.


Government policies and procedures play a vital role in operations of a country and I believe that they should choose their plans wisely since this is our homeland and the progress of country is going to benefit all of us hugely. So I would suggest that the stakeholders should keep a keen eye on every matter going on in state and make policies accordingly. And timely implementing these policies will be a huge success of process. That will make the procedures of our state as smooth as possible and we will one of the top nations in no time.


Having the extensive knowledge of economic analysis and policy development I would suggest that our government should concentrate on sustainable sources of energy after all this is our homeland and it is our core responsibility that we keep it habitable for our coming generations. Pakistan is country who is extremely lacking behind technology and it is my firm belief that we should work on technology as much as we can. It is a severe need of the hour that in order to keep Pakistan alongside other developed countries that our maximum focus should be on technological enhancement. And the core subject of study and experiment should be Technology for Human Development (THD) because we all know that without technological enhancement we cannot progress in today’s world.

Same would be the advice for policy makers that they must understand the need for technology in today’s world and suggest policies that need to be implemented on the grass root level because that is what will bring everything upwards. If our technological foundation is strong then no one can step us down.

The main reason behind SocioOn is to awaken the nation by making them realize the importance of Technology for Human Development (THD). Human development in combination with technology, yields economic growth, which in turn is necessary to generate further advances in human development. Technology for human development will not only make people of Pakistan more responsible but will encourage them to take part in the development of their environment and maximize the development of their country.

Being an ambassador and a firm believer of Technology for Human Development (THD), it is my dream to Pakistan being one of the leaders in technology and a nation that others will look up to for inspirations. Because I believe that the potential our people have is unmatched! And we can do wonders!


Message to stakeholders will that they should be humble because they are at very fortunate positions that others can only dream about. There work will not only reflect on themselves but also on the face of country. They can make or break our future according to their business and working style. So, I would suggest that they should be open minded and innovative.

There are many stakeholders which are still old school and not catching up on the coming trends which is a huge loss for them. Being at this high designation a person should be aware of the ongoing trends in the market and happenings. This kind of attitude costs them a lot because they are not aware and people who are well aware they catch up and take lead.

Speaking of being old school and lacking behind trends, the main point of not being in contact is with technology, many stake holders and decision makers are not in touch with technology which is a huge loss for them. All our the world companies are flourishing by leaps and bounds through technology which makes it a genuine need for everyone that they should focus on what’s going on the technological side and try to keep up. Technology coupled with the level of experience and knowledge the stakeholders have can do wonders!


I don’t think that after all this I have to spread some more wisdom on the readers because I know they can imagine what my closing statement would be. And they are absolutely correct, I will stress will all my energy on technology and everyone should focus on technological enhancements. I want to see entrepreneurs coming out of small town and villages and surprise the outside world. I want to see Pakistan become the “Silicon Valley” of South Asia. I want to see what my children can achieve following my footsteps. I want to see Pakistan becoming a smart country that will set goals for other nations to follow because I know what potential we have to offer and what kind of resources and brains we have that are not being utilized in the right path. I want to counsel these entrepreneurial brains and channel them in the right passage where they can showcase their skills and present Pakistan as a home of brilliant brains.

And my work on Technology for Human Development will never stop just like a scholar’s thirst for knowledge. Let’s all wait and watch because the next few years are going to be historic moments which are going to change the face of Pakistan on the globe. I am a firm believer and I want everyone to have a positive and optimistic mindset regarding technological enhancement in Pakistan.