Punj Radio USA is a voice of humanity lovers from all over the world who speak/understand   Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. It is based in the USA, and it is broadcasting its program through the web, facebook live and youtube which makes Punj Radio USA more effective and comfortable for its audience. Currently, Punj Radio USA has an audience in more than 75 countries.

Almas Shabi is the Founder and CEO of Punj Radio. Since the inception of Punj Radio in the year 2011, she is rendering her services as a Broadcaster. She has many distinctions and appeared as a trend-setter in the modern world of broadcasting.

RJ Almas Shabi is hosting regular programs Bazm e Almas Shabi on Punj Radio USA. She has conducted 1000s of programs and her programs’ followings across the world. Due to her commitment and regular efforts, she is successful to maintain active listeners as well as participants.

People from different fields of life, variety of experiences, multidisciplinary knowledge multicultural, multilingual join Punj Radio USA   on daily bases either as a guest and/or as a listener.

Many famous journalists, poets, writers, Novelists, short story writers, singers, analysts and media persons have joint and enjoyed Punj radio USA. A special program, Sukhankaddah, is one of the popular programs to share and archive the interviews of various writers and artists. Punj Radio USA has covered many iconic people in this field.

Punj Radio USA is first and the only online studio where it produced more than seven popular radio dramas including Ladli, Ehsas, Briefcase, Entizar, Bari Bowa, saiqa, maah aee maah , jalti haway and  Maha lakhari written by Khaliqdad ummed and Yaqub Assy .In fact, Punj Radio has revived the radio dramas.

“Jashn e Punj Radio USA” is a grand event of every year. It starts from Dec 25h and runs till Jan 25th. In this whole month, radio broadcasts live shows and a variety of programs including a series of mini mushairas and Global Grand Mushaira. This year in Grand mushaira more than 85 poets presented their poetry from different countries.

Another creativity and achievement of Punj Radio USA are to launch books electronically online. More than 7 books have been launched so far online.

Punj Radio has conducted a variety of programs including Bazm e Almas Shabi , live poetry music and talk show , Punjabi shows ji ayeh nuh , mojah aee mojah , Mazaiya Mushaira  Eid Programs, Ramadan Programs, New Year Programs, Special Day Programs, social and cultural programs, special guests solo or group programs, Radio Dramas , Nasri Nishist , Tall say taal milao , karaoke time , adbi khabar nama , Good afternoon Canada ,  Aap ka message Mila , Yadish bakhir , Geet maala , App ki pasand ,  Deebacha , kalam e shair ba zuban e shair , shairi saach bolti hy ,Book street , shair o naghma , Mutrannum mushaira , nasmi mushaira , Youth corner, Punj radio Health club ,  special topic programs, awareness programs, new writers guidance programs and various other programs.

Many of these programs look like programs offered by other radios and televisions but Punj Radio USA has a distinction of setting new trends and dared to experience many new things in this field. In future, many of its efforts will be considered as a real contribution in the field of broadcasting. This radio is continuously making history and archiving programs which will be unique in the history of radio and literature.

Lots of popular writers and poets at the international level have appreciated Punj Radio USA several times. Punj Radio USA won the best online literary award in 2014.

Renowned poet, writer, songwriter and film story writer late Rukhsana Noor always said: “whenever the history of online radio will be written; Punj Radio USA will be considered as a pioneer Radio”.

Punj Radio USA always covers and broadcasts and supports all literary organizations.

یہ “ریڈیو پنج ریڈیو ” ہے جو دل کو دل سے ملا رہا ہے

کہ سُر سے سنگیت کے تعلق پہ شاعری رقص کر رہی ہے

 (سلیم فوذ)

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CALLING NUMBER IS 857 232 0138 AND UK 02035197159

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