My name Ayaz Mahmood Ayaz, I am writer, poet and columnist, currently working and living in Paris France.  I am Bureau Chief Europe at Royal News and also Anchor on Desi TV. I am also the president of Ghulam Ali Welfare Foundation.

I was born in Badshah Pur e.g village of Mandi Bahauddin. After my basic education I was shifted to Lahore for my higher education. I got my graduation degree “Bachelor of Sciences” from Civil line College Lahore and after this I completed my Masters from Punjab University.  After my Masters I stay in Lahore for long time. Later I moved to Pairs and from last 16 years I am living here.

I started poetry in very early age of my life and my first book was published at the age of 16. I received awards and appreciation from many famous literary organization e.g. Musawar International, Wajdan Adab Saraae International and Many others.

Today, I am author of 7 Urdu Poetry Books, List of Books is as under:

  1. Pehli Khizan ki Akhri Shab
  2. Tark-e-Marasim,
  3. Tanhai Say Dar Lagta hai
  4. Suno Aisa Nahin Kartay
  5. Arzoo-e-Jaan (Natia Kalam)
  6. Tum Sharat-e-Zindgi Ho
  7. Mujha Tum Har Baitho Gay

Apart from this my poetry is being translated in French and English and I am also writing a book in Punjabi and it will also be published very soon.

Poetry that reflects intensity of emotions (Recent Article published in news on my poetry)

The most touching part of Ayaz Mahmood Ayaz’s poetry expresses the basic emotion, the desire to relive his memories – his source of inspiration for poetry:


Kabhi aisa bhi hota hai yuheen baithay bathaayay hee

Meri sounhoum mein bachpan kay zamanay jag uthtay hain


Isolation, unfamiliar environment, recollection of old friends and dear ones and a life full of warmth, make up the bulk of this poetry collection titled ‘Tum Shartay Zindgi Ho’:


Zindgi kay mailay hain

Ansuoun kay ralay hain

Lout kar chalay aao

Hum bohat akalay hai

Main Aeena houn mujay gor se kabhi dekho

Tumaray aks meray khaalo khad pe likkhay hain

Janay woh log kahaan pichlay zamaanay waalay

Sab ki ankhoun mein nayay khawab sajaanay waalay


A successful poetry doesn’t have to rhyme or have a certain pattern of lines. It should have a point that a reader unknown to the poet can respond to.


See this nazm of Ayaz:


Hamain tum se mohabbat hai

Mohabbat ka koi chehra nahen hota

Mohabbat aisa jazba hai

Keh jis mein jism

Mar bhi jaayain tu

Aankhain naheen marteen

Tu saansain chalti rehti hain

Yahee janaan hakeekat hai

Hamain Tum se mohabbat hai.


His poetry does not exaggerate, sob, hang around, escapade and make an embarrassing spectacle of it. His poetry delivers emotion softly, like snowfall. This is what Ayaz does:

Tri yaadoun ka ham ne khol rakkha hai dreecha

Hamain bhi habs mein taza hawa milnay lagi hai

His ghazals and nazms go well together. His nazms are not prose camouflaged as poetry, most often found in free verse. Even his free verse makes use of some poetic methods to differentiate it from prose:

Har ashk teray ghum mein peeyay jaatay hain kaisay, Mut pooch teray baad

jeeyay jaatay hain kaisay, Palkoun pe teray baad abhi raat wohi hai, Banjar

hain abi khawab, Har ek baat wohi hai, Ab tak bhi meray harf, Teray naam se abaad,

Gou aaj bhi hontoun pe,  koi shikwa hai na faryaad, Ab tak dilo jaan par, Tri

zanjeer pari hai, Ab tak bhi kitaaboun mein, Woh tasweer pari hai


Some of his poetry feels good in the mouth. Like much of the modern poetry he does not spit out a mouthful of rocks and does not create tongue-twisters. His poetry sounds sweet in the ear and does not make listeners recoil when they hear it:


Kabhi saavan kay mousam mein

Hamari yaad aa jayay

Tu baarish se atti

Boondoun ko choo kar tum

Hamaari yaad ka

Mousam saja laina

Zara sa muskra laina


His poetry is simple but technically strong and adds to the body of human experience. There’s nothing wrong with it per-se, it’s not ho-hum but exciting:

Teri yaad ka har ek mousam

Muj mein har su hota hai

Ho jaati hain bund yeh palkain

Jab aankhoun mein tuo hota hai


He is well aware of the social, cultural and political problems his dear homeland is faced with:


Kaheen bhi hosla chora naheen hai

Ghumoun ka aik lashkar dekh kar bhi

Dua yeh hai prinday khair se houn

Sabhi tootay huay par dekh kar bhi

Ek dhooan sa phaila hai ab watan ki rahoun par

Aangnoun se khushbooyain nakhatain bhi roothi hain


His words do not loaf superfluously. No punctuation interrupts uselessly. He has the calculated array of words. Ayaz’s poems stick with the readers. His poetry leaves us with a feeling after our eyes leave the page, our ears resound after the poem ends.