Kanwal Malik was born on 26th December, in Rawalpindi Pakistan, she studied at international Islamic University ISLAMABAD, her Poetic Name is Kanwal Malik and Real Name is Shabana Ahmed.

She moved to Dubai United Arab Emirates to complete her studies. Kanwal Malik started writing at very young age, penning both prose and poetry, and script writing for different TV/ radio channels. She wrote some English poetry as well.

She holds Masters in Urdu Literature degree, plus also studying Shariya and Law from Dubai. She also hold several degrees and another degree in Admin and Human resources management.

Kanwal Malik published her first volume of poetry by the name of “Tumhain Tumse Hi Maanga Hay” in her school life in 2008, published by Romail House of Publications. When she was going to move permanently to Dubai. While talking to her, we have heard the whole interesting story of her first book publishing. It was very hard to publish her book at that stage, but she has done it! As once she decides something, she doesn’t listen to anyone” this is her nature and it really pushed her to publish the book and then fly abroad.

She wrote some of very shocking, sad verses at a very young age as she lost her father at her early teen age. When she was supposed to write stories about dolls, princess castles, Cinderella, she wrote: intimacy, separation, break-ups, distances, and distrust. She didn’t give a gape to her poetry, while doing her gradation and masters, after finishing her collage, she published her second book by the name of “Chand Chehra Gullab Lab” published by Romail House of Publications.

Kanwal wrote many TV Plays, Afsanas / Novels / Love Stories and some of them are available in different poetry websites, and Social media channels like Facebook Instagram poetry blogs/ twitter.

Kanwal Malik published her third poetry book in 2016 by the name of “Tumhare Naam“ it was launched in a big Restaurant of Dubai, and more than 500 people were invited by the poetess. The function was sponsored by Mr. Muhammed Ali, and Mr. Aaqib Arif. They own a restaurant called “Truck Ada located in Jumeirah Dubai. It was a great book launching event held in Dubai related to Urdu literature and poetry book launching, event was organized by Kanwal Malik itself as she had been working in Events companies as Event Administrator previously in Dubai Media and Design.

“Tumhare Naam” was a combination of Ghazalyaat and Nazmiyaat, Hamd o Naat, Sanaa, Munajaat, Salam for Moula Hussain, Manqabat for Moula Ali, and some patriotic poetry as well.

Kanwal’s poetry is full of emotions and it’s a combination of classical tradition with modern sensitivity and mainly deal with the feminine perspective on love and romance, and associated themes such as beauty, intimacy, separation, break-ups, distances, distrust and infidelity and disloyalty. Kanwal write, free verse as well her poetry is famous among the young generation and as well as the people of old ages are really fan of her poetry. When we talked to her she said –“I love Nazm and Sufiana kalam, and Sufi poetry is my Ishq”” also she told us “Mera Orhna Bichona, Sona Jaagna all is “Sufi Kalam“ she loves Abida Parween Sufi Kalam Singer.

She wrote many Nazmiyat for her country, she wrote many Sufiana Kalam, Salams for Moula Ali AS, Manqabats for Moula Hussain AS Naats, for Prophet Muhammed SAWW Hamds, and Munaajat as well.

In her poetry, the selection of words and verses are very simple and very easy to understand, that’s might be a reason that, mostly people who even never read poetry, they read and like her poetry, as we have noticed the people at the age of 80, 90 years, and above use to comment on her FB/ Twitter, Instagram poetry posts. Her attractive personality, beautiful smile and loving nature let the people love her a lot.
At very young age, she got a big name, and she is very famous among all the writers. She participate in poetry Events and in December 2009 she participated in first Mushaira, called Bayad e Izhar Haidar, it was organized by Urdu Manzil Dubai UAE at Ibrahimi Palace restaurant Dubai.

Family: She belongs to a very Religious Malik Zai family, her father Mehmood Ahmed Malik was working in CDA Islamabad and Grandfather was working in Pakistan Army Islamabad. They moved to Gulf for business purpose.

Currently she stays in Dubai and working in a private Real Estate company as Human Resources Executive.
She also runs a business of her family, and do the welfare works as a volunteer in different organizations.

Story Writing / Drama Writing:

Kanwal Malik wrote a story in 2010 by the name of “ Adhoori Muhabbat ki poori kahani –“ about the plan crash of Airblue flight which was domestic passenger flight and crashed on 28 July 2010 near Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, killing all 146 passengers.

Kanwal Malik wrote a Story in 2014 by the name of ”Maai Zulekha“ / “Ishq Main“ She changed the name later on. It was published in different Blogs and online Media channels. It’s related to a very bold girl who fall in love with a guy madly. When she lost the love and hope, she turned to Allah Almighty and became more spiritual and religious.

She wrote A drama in 2015 by the name of “ Shah Jee –“ it was related to the real Flood story which came in 2001 in Rawalpindi / Islamabad. Because of rainfall, which was the 24 hours heaviest rainfall in Pakistan during the past 100 years. Continuous downpour lasted for about 10 hours.

She also wrote many short stories and posted in different blogs / social Media Channels.

Her next poetry and Story books will be published very soon, one of her poetry book by the name of Mehram E Zaat”- is almost finalized and soon will be published. And her TV play/ Story book by the name of “Tum Ko Khabar Honay Tak’ will be published very soon. In Sha Allah.