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5. Articles & Publications
6. Career & Professional Background
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8. Motivation & Inspiration
9. Scope of Business & Practice Areas
10. Management & Leadership Style
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“The meaning of life is to live a meaningful life.

We are living in a Magic World. May be, we think that we are spending our Time, Energy and Resources to make our lives more meaningful, apart from our Time, Efforts, Capabilities and Resources, there are number of people those are actually investing their life-long experiences as well as resources in our lives so we could turned our lives in to meaningful living Experience.

These people could be our parents, our teachers, our guardians, our seniors and/or our close relatives or our friends. If our lives becomes meaningful, it gives feeling of pride and honor to our teachers, parents and friends and all those who have actually contributed in our lives.

Apart from all others, there is an all mighty Allah, who is actually a master planner of all what is happening with us and he enable everything for us and mostly we succeed in everything what we want and what we struggle for…., depending on our level of commitment with ourselves and compatibility with his master planning.

This is how, sometime a single man’s effort become matchless to thousands of other expert people of the same field(s).

Our meaningful lives are result of shared contributions from our creators, our people, our society and ourselves.

So what is the magic behind it …… ?

Examples is our lives must not be like this, that we form or build a Garden with the efforts of everyone and when it started producing fruits we hold everything and start saying that we did everything at our own.

At our own! We are not even the owners of ourselves and our lives.

It’s our social and human responsibility that we should be thankful to the creator of our Lives, to the contributors of our lives and we should preserve and share our successes to upcoming generation and should uplift and up skill lives of others as too. This is how our lives could become more meaningful to us, more meaningful to our society and surely meaningful to our creator.

Quran-e-Majeed tells us real stories of meaningful lives and meaningless lives, I wish and pray that our lives should become meaningful and we should not be only successful in this life but also after this life.

Ameen ….



I have been brought-up in a very discipline atmosphere where values and principles have always been given priority. It gives me great pleasure to give introduction of my family. I belong to a Saraiki speaking Arain family. I am settled in Lahore and my family is living in Mailsi, Vehari, Multan. Our relatives are chiefly associated with farming and related businesses. My respected father Mian Abdus Salam, is an experienced advocate. My mother is a house wife. She has been a great source of motivation in my life. I have three brothers and no sister. They all are loving and supporting in nature. I got married dated 17 February, 2009. I have two kids; Mian Ismail Waqar 6 years old and Mariam Waqar 5 years old. He (with his team and network) is operating 100s of professional Groups and Literary Pages on Facebook and other social Media platforms and collectively he has more than 70,000 followers on digital social platforms.


I finished my primary schooling and secondary high Schooling from home town. My matriculation was completed from Government High School, Mailsi. I also earned my Diploma in Commerce (D.COM) from Government Commercial Training Institute Mailsi. After matriculation I also completed few basic computing course from Pakistan Computer College Mailsi.

For my graduation program I moved to Multan and completed my Graduation from Bahuodin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan (Government College of Commerce Multan.) I also finished my advance computer learning from Jupiter Computer Colleges, Multan.

After my graduation I moved to Lahore and completed my Master in Business Administration (MBA-MIS) from International School of Management Sciences, (ISMS) Newport University California, USA (Lahore Campus, Pakistan). Meanwhile, I also completed professional certifications of Microsoft (MCP) and Cisco (CCNA) from Corvit System. Apart from It, I also completed Diplomas in English Language (from Newport University) and ISP Configuration (from Corvit System).

I can never forget my college life. It was without doubt the golden period of my life. I really enjoyed studying as well as playing cricket at my college.

I always remained blessed with wonderful teachers including, Muhammad Ibrahim and Deen Muhammad in Primary Schooling, Dost Muhammad and Faiz Bakhash in secondary schooling, Professor Kaleem Ullah and Muhammad Ashique in Intermediate, Asghar Nadeem and Bashir Baloch in Graduation, Dr. Saleha Naghmi and Dr. Tariq Rahman in MBA; Likewise Retired Wing Commodore Javaid Iqbal in Advance Computing, Kashif-e-Haq and Haroon Malik in Cisco Professional Certifications.


Newport University California, USA (Lahore Campus, Pakistan)

3/1998 – 12/1999 Master of Business Administration
Management Information System (MIS)

(Position Holder in the batch 98-3 with GPA 3.52/4.0 – MIS GPA 3.89/4.0)

Government College of Commerce Multan

3/1996 – 3/1998 Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing

Government Commercial Training Institute Mailsi

8/1993 – 12/1995 Diploma in Commerce (D.COM)
Business Studies & Accounting

Government High School, Mailsi, Vehari

3/1991 – 6/1993 Matriculation – Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)



1. MAAN KATEHRA (Mazameen, Ghazlain, Nazmain) – Single Volume
2. SHEHR-E-DAGHDAR (Mazameen, Ghazlain, Nazmain) – – Single Volume
3. DIL AJ BHI MAQROOZ HAI (Mazameen, Nazmain) – – Single Volume
4. MY LIFE NOTES (Collection of Articles) – 3 Volumes
(10 Publications on Best Gwadar News Collection)
(10 Publications on Best Life Notes Collection)
(5 Publications on Best Poetry Collection)
(Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil Best Poetry Collection from Her 30 Books) – 3 Volumes
(10 Publications on Logic, Motivation and Career)
(1000 Pages Research Magazine having featured contents from our professional, educational and Literary Circles)


1. Jab Main Nain Pehli Dafa Quran Parha
2. Quran Majeed Ka Behtreen Shehkar
3. Izhar-e-Tashakur Kay Chand Qatray
4. Fourth Generation Corruption
5. Mujhay Laga
6. Muskrahat Aur Ansu
7. Ham Khawahishaat Kay Pujarion Ka Kia Banay Ga
8. Ghair Meyari Soch Kabhi Meyari Muashra Tashkeel Nahin Day Sakti
9. Ghair Muntaqi Soch Kay Hamil Afraad
10. Acha Hota Aur Acha Nazar Ana
11. Kamiyabi Har Insaan Ka Khawab Hai
12. Multan Aik Saaf Suthra Shehar
13. Pakistan Main Jamhooriat Kay Wariseen
14. Apnay Waqar Ki Hifazaat Karain
15. Barma Say Bangladesh, Maut Say Maut Taak Ka Safar
16. 14 August 2018, 70th Independence Day of Pakistan
17. Chamaknay Ki Salahiyaat
18. Khuda Kay Noor Ko Phylanay Ki Zaroorat Hai
19. Chotti Souch
20. Qaum Ajj Bhi Takseem Hai, Adalaat Ko Katehray Main Lana Chahiay
21. Tehzeeb Ka Daira
22. Khana Kaba Aur Masjid-e-Nabvi Main Sehri Aur Aftaar Kar Nizaam O Intizaam
23. Ablees Nain Theek Kaha Tha, Teray Bandon Par Mera Zor Nahin Chalay Ga
24. Haraam Main Khatam-ul-Quran
25. Islam Aur Salamti
26. Boss Ki Na-Insafi
27. Pakistan Hargiz Mayoos Kun Surat-e-Haal Main Nahin Hai
28. Ikhtalaf Baraye Ikhtalafaat
29. Chotay Mian Baray Mian
30. Insaan Bakamaal Khaliq Ki Bakamal Takhleeq
31. Allah Ki Rehmaat Say Mayoos Na Hon
32. Himaat Hai To Ab Maroo
33. Bunyadain
34. Chamaan Main Phool Bhi Hain
35. Kissi Par Apnay Darwazay Band Na Karain
36. Hamari Tawaqoaat Hamain Mayoos Karti Hain
37. Jaisa Haam Chahatay Hain Waisa Kion Nahin Hota?
38. Awaam Say Ziadah Bashaur Koi Nahin
39. Bandar Killa
40. Jangal Ka Bhi Koi Qanoon Hota Hai
41. Allah Kay Banday
42. Islam Kay Meraaj Ka Daur
43. Model Based Governance
44. Akhir Yeh Bathroom Philosophy Kia Hai?
45. Sabaz Hilali Parcham Hamari Jaan Hai, Hamari Shaan Hai, Aur Hamari Pehchaan Hai
46. Imran Khan Aik Musalsaal Jido Jehad Aur Mehnaat Ka Naam
47. Ghair Muhazaab Rawaiay Aur Ghair Muhazaab Qaoumain



Mian Waqar ul Islam is Founder and Principal Consultant at Marvel System. Since the inspection of Marvel System (in year 1995), it has grown into multi-divisional and multi-disciplinary organization with its international partners and innovative solutions providers. Key areas of Marvel System are including Company Registration, Patents & Trade Marks, Curriculum Development, Graphics Designing, Branding & Packaging, Staffing & HR Development, Marketing Research, Business Promotion, Corporate Financing, Local and Int’l Franchising, Licensing Programs, Professional Training, Research & Development, Corporate Digitizing, Re-Engineering and Globalizing. Mian Waqar ul Islam is Group Consultant and Advisor as well as former Director Operations at Niazi Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd., in the year 2016-17, he was also awarded “A Life Time Achievement Award” against his 15 years dedicated services, longest & full-time committed affiliation with group. Mian Waqar ul Islam is Consultant & Advisor as well as Executive Member at Adab Saraae International, in the year 2018-19, he was also awarded “A Life Time Achievement Award” against his 15 years dedicated literary services, longest & full-time committed affiliation with globally renowned Urdu literary forum. He is Life Time Member of 10 CEO Forums and presiding 10 Specialized Business Alliances under Marvel System Investment Federation. He is the Author & Compiler of 5 Research Publications Series. His research work contains 40 plus books and covers over 10,000 white papers. He is regular writer of different articles and his articles are also converted into his publications.


1995 – Present
Marvel System,
Principal Consultant,

– A Business Consultancy Network, owned by Niazi Group, facilitating over 300 Organizations

Working in the Capacity of Principal Consultant at Marvel System as well as Vice President at Marvel System Investment Federation. Marvel System is a Consultancy firm that is owned by Niazi Group. Marvel System offers wide range of business services including Company Registration, Patents & Trade Marks, Curriculum Development, Graphics Designing, Branding & Packaging, Staffing & HR Development, Marketing Research, Business Promotion, Corporate Financing, Local and Int’l Franchising Licensing Programs, Professional Training, Research & Development, Corporate Digitizing, Re-Engineering and Globalizing. Marvel System has served many different sectors including Health & Fitness, Education & Training, Banking & Finance, Corporate & Social Insurance, Art, Cultural & Heritage, Government & Defense, Social Development, Area Payphone System, Telecom Solutions and Services, Automobile Manufacturers, Solar & Wind Power, Water Turbines & Bio Energies, Real Estate Developers, Public Transportation, Cargo and Logistics, Transit, TV, Radio and Press.

4/2007 – 4/2010
Niazi Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd.,
Director Operations,

– Pakistan’s Largest Transportation & Logistics Network with over 1000 public vehicles and over 1000 logistics vehicles

Niazi Group is successful to achieve a dominant status in multiple sectors including construction business, real estate projects, transportation network, logistic services, tourism industry, bricks manufacturing and agricultural forming. Working in the capacity of Director Operations for several projects including (but not limited) Adan Villas, Alnoor Cargo City, INAT Group, Solar Tech, Gwadar Promotion Alliance, Niazi Bricks, Niazi Developers, Niazi Farm Houses and also providing host of consultancy service to overall group to vitalize their existing local and global dealers and representative network. Main activities including proposal writing and curriculum development, Event Management, Exhibitions Seminars, Trading, Import / Export, mergers and partnership building, dealing with overseas Pakistanis and multinational companies, developing consortiums with Chinese, European and other overseas Companies. Introduced many best invention products and innovated industrial solutions to Pakistani and International Markets.


The story of Marvel System began in year 1995, it started as a consultancy firm based in Multan, Pakistan. Since its inception, Marvel System has grown into multi-divisional and multidisciplinary organization with its international partners and innovative solutions providers.

No path is easy and this applies to Marvel System as too. That’s why we always concentrate on our team’s capabilities and keep them focused on the essentials. For us, our core areas are always crucial and important. Our key areas are including Company Registration, Patents & Trade Marks, Curriculum Development, Graphics Designing, Branding & Packaging, Staffing & HR Development, Marketing Research, Business Promotion, Corporate Financing, Local and Int’l Franchising, Licensing Programs, Professional Training, Research & Development, Corporate Digitizing, Re-Engineering and Globalizing. These areas are our milestones and we have achieved them after many years’ struggle and regular hardship. This is how, our domain has become our core identity.

Our Research & Development is our strongest part, so we keeps eyes on upcoming modern trends & market dynamics. We keep our fingers on the pulse of latest innovations around the world. We know our continuous Research and Development is something that makes us entirely different from others. We have highly experienced people in our organization but at the same time we also have many young, energetic and futuristic brains.

As a result of this concentration, we are in the position of being able to recognize our customer’s needs earlier and sometimes literally before they actually conceive it. So we quickly identify market needs; remained focused on upcoming demands; work on most innovative ideas; produce cost effective solutions; study feasibility, compatibility and suitability; deploy quickly to set new market trend and it remains our inclusive best practice.

Thanks for your time and interest in Marvel System, we wish you only the best of success. We believe in long term professional relationship, so we are looking forward…



My father Mian Abdus Salam (Advocate, Ex-president Mailsi Bar Association, Ex-president Anjuman-e-Sherian, Mailsi), the most important person on this earth for me! He presided Mailsi Bar Associations for 6/six times. He started his political career from PPP. He invited Nawaz Sharif as well as Imran Khan to demonstrate their political Manifesto at Mailsi Bar Association. He asked Zulfiqar Ali Bhuto in respect of ROTI, KAPRA MAKAN, what he himself will eat, what he himself will dress and where he himself will live. We still need the answer from our political leadership. He remained part of several different social and political moments. He is well respected among his lawyers circle and political/social network. His life is my source of inspiration. He is a person equipped with the knowledge of Islam, Pak History, Pak Politics and Iqbaliat. I wish him for long and healthy life.


Ibrar Khan Niazi, he is CEO of Niazi Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd. He represents several dominant organizations including Niazi Bricks (Pvt.) Ltd., Adan Villas (Pvt.) Ltd., (Murree), Al-Noor Cargo City (Pvt.) Ltd. (Gwadar), Speed Bus (Pvt.) Ltd., Iron Shield Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd., Gwadar Promotion Alliance, All Pakistan Brick-Kline Owners Association, Right Aid Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd., Niazi Logistics (Pvt.) Ltd. and many others. He is such a wonderful person I ever found in my life. I have experience to work with him almost all of his wonderful initiatives. He is extremely committed person. Where business knowledge, business vision and professional values are concern. I have never found a person like him who always keeps others’ benefits and interests first. He always takes risks (when required) but saves other people. It’s Allah’s greatest blessing on me that I am bless with such a nice contact. I wish him for more successes in his life.


Dr. Sultan Mehmood, the most intelligent brain in the Government of Punjab. MD at Ecocare Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd. Former Advisor/Head of Environment Division at Engineering Consultancy Services Punjab. Columnist ‘Meetha Sach’ and Writer at monthly ‘Qaumi Sehat’ at Print Media. Author & Chief Consultant at FDRC – First Dietcare & Research Center. Former Principal Environmentalist/ Advisor at NESPAK. Former Section Officer at Civil Secretariat, Lahore. Former Director, Pakistan Community Center at New York, USA. I know him from last 10 years and we are working with him on several different grounds. He has vital exposure in Environment, Health, Food Security and Energy sectors. His contributions to empower Pakistan always remained awesome. He knows the importance of long term relationships. He is blessed with a committed nature and hardworking soul. He always proved himself a true rain maker with capital R. I wish him for more successes in his life.


Madar-e-Dabistan-e-Lahore, Dr. Shahnaz Muzammil, Chairperson Adab Saraae International, she is among very few most valuable persons in my life, those have changed my life, fully. I not only know her from last 15 plus years but also actively working with her in the capacity of executive member and Media Advisor of Adab Saraae International. She always proved herself as a very social, well-connected, knowledgeable, extremely supportive, selfless and very hard-working soul. She is Author of 30 plus books, running Adab Saraae International from last 30 plus years, she is involved in wide range of literary initiatives. She has long experience to conduct and host thousands of literary events and programs. I appreciate her for all her distinctive achievements and wish her for more successes in life.



Management consulting grew with the rise of management as a unique field of study. The first management consulting firm was Arthur D. Little, founded in 1886 by the MIT professor of the same name and was incorporated in 1909.

Though Arthur D. Little later became a general management consultancy, it originally specialized in technical research. Booz Allen Hamilton was founded by Edwin G. Booz, a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, in 1914 as a management consultancy and the first to serve both industry and government clients.

After World War II, a number of new management consulting firms formed, most notably Boston Consulting Group, founded in 1963, which brought a rigorous analytical approach to the study of management and strategy.

Work done at Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the Harvard School during the 1960s and 70s developed the tools and approaches that would define the new field of strategic management, setting the groundwork for many consulting firms to follow.

In 1983, Harvard Business School’s influence on the industry continued with the founding of Monitor Group by six professors. It was also only after World War II that management consulting emerged in Europe.



Marvel System follows Model-Based Management Style which refers to the activity of managing and making informed decision regarding the future direction of a business, process, or system(s) based on information gleaned and understood from models that document the current state.

More recently, the term Model-Based Management has been used with increasing regularity to describe the use of models for strategic business planning. Emphasis has been placed on the importance of models as it relates to capturing the complex nature of a business’s structure, operations, systems, and the economic environment in which it operates.

A model is simply an abstraction of reality. In this context, it is a representation of the current state of the business and the environment in which it operates. Some models are already popularly used today for strategic business planning. Consider financial models such as the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Each is an abstraction of the current state of the business. While the importance of these models and their use in budgeting and financial planning are well known, the use of models for decision making in all other aspects of a business is less ubiquitous.



1. Company Registration
2. Patents & Trade Marks
3. Curriculum Development
4. Graphics Designing
5. Branding & Packaging
6. Staffing & HR Development
7. Marketing Research
8. Business Promotion
9. Corporate Financing
10. Local and Int’l Franchising
11. Licensing Programs
12. Professional Training
13. Research & Development
14. Corporate Digitizing
15. Re-Engineering
16. Globalizing


MILESTONES IN LIFE (MS Research Projects)

2018 USRP: Urdu Social Research Program
2017 ITRP: Industrial Technologies Research Program
2016 CPEC: China Pak Economic Corridor Research Program
2015 SWRP: Solar and Wind Energy Research Program
2014 HMRP: Homeland Security Research Program
2013 HTRP: Holographic Technologies Research Program
2013 SPRP: Security Printing Research Program
2012 ALRP: Agriculture and Live Stock Research Program
2011 CSRP: Community Skills Research Program
2010 SFRP: Sea Food Research Program
2010 AERP: Alternate Energies Research Program
2009 PFRP: Pre-Fabricated Steel Structures
2008 MCRP: Media City Research Program
2007 TMRP: Transit Medium Research Program
2006 HR3-P: Human Resource Robotics Research Program
2005 PSRP: Public Surveillance Research Program
2005 MSRP: Micro Finance Research Program
2004 SDRP: Social Development Research Program
2004 GTRP: Graphics Technologies Research Program
2003 CLRP: Cyber Law Research Program
2003 IFMS: International Franchising Management System
2003 WTRP: Wireless Technology Research Program
2002 ASRP: Advance Servers Research Program
2001 USCS: Universally Sustainable Computer Suite
2000 MAP: Measurement of Adjustable Personality
1999 PPMS: Public Payphone Management System


At Marvel System, every day comes with several new business opportunities. Today’s global market is very dynamic and fast. Things are changing overnight. Companies are investing more and more in to science and technology to introduce braver and innovative ideas e.g to reduce the cost and to improve economic efficiency and effectiveness.

Marvel System, understands global trends and invests in our research and development on daily bases. We are always working with new partners around the world. We are always in search of new commercial and industrial solutions. We always participate in international conferences, seminars, workshops, trade shows and industrial exhibitions. We keep our eyes on global invention labs, so whenever a new solution comes to global market place, we try our level best to bring it to local market to set a new trend in local market and to make the difference.

If you are looking for any innovative solution(s), either it is related to our listed (solutions, products, services) or not, our R & D Division is the right answer. Our R & D Division will study your all requirements and will discuss it with our global consultancy associates and partners. We will bring the best solution to meet your requirements and needs.

Please also visit our website and follow our R & D Division, we are updating this section on regular bases. There are several new solutions that we have already introduced in local market but they are not part of our corporate profile. Our R & D Division page will keep you updated. You may also subscribe this page to get the latest updates.






RECIPIENT 2016-17 – From Niazi Group of Companies
RECIPIENT 2018-19 – From Adab Saraae International

PARTNER & ASSOCIATES – (international disclosures & local PR development)

INAT (KSA): Specialized in Trading, Quality Management, Inspection, NDT and Civil Testing
DYNACORD: Global leader for mobile concert sound, paging system & pro sound & discos
SEBAKMT: Global leader in fault diagnostic solutions for electric, gas, water and telecom
CHOCOLATE GRAPHICS: 3D and Depth Chocolate Printing Solution (Australia)
MEDIA BOP: Lenticular digital imaging (3d, flip and depth printing) (China)
BANNERMATE: Modular display stands system for Indoor Advertisement (China)
CIS: Continuous Ink Flow System add-on solution for latest Epson and HP printers (China)
GUINN CONSULTANCY: Business plan development, operator of multiple businesses (USA)
GAP AMERICA GLOBAL: GAP, Worldwide Distributors of Collagen RX Creams (USA)
CHEETAH SECURITY: Australia’s leading company for Digital Surveillance System
GTCCL: Payphone Sets, line protection units, Area Payphone Management (China)


We are Marvel System are working with several different sectors including Health & Fitness, Education & Training, Banking & Finance, Corporate & Social Insurance, Art, Cultural & Heritage, Government & Defense, Social Development, Area Payphone System, Telecom Solutions & Services, Automobile Manufacturers, Solar & Wind Power, Water Turbines & Bio Energies, Real Estate Developers, Public Transportation, Cargo & Logistics, Transit, TV, Radio and Press. In each sector we have our prime partners and we actively socialize with them. We are specialize to operate several CEO, MDs and Chairman Forums.

We host, conduct and participate in variety of events and programs including:

TV & Media Programs:

Various TV Shows, Various Radio Programs, Music & Entertainment Programs and Cultural Shows. Exhibitions Related to Painting, Printing, Designing, Art Work, Calligraphy and Regional Arts. Open Lectures Related to Culture & Civilization, Open Lectures Regarding Threats to Humanity, Environment, Safety and Food Security. Discussion Session related to policies, regulations, political and Social Issues as well as to address Community & Stake Holders issues. Conferences, Seminars, Panel Discussions, Exposure Tours and Press Releases. Meetings with Government Officials and Related Departments.



Since the appearance of Pakistan on global map, we are facing almost every program that exist in the world. This is one Problem … With the passage of time, we are adding more problems to our total problems so our problems are increasing and we are unable to stop or solve any of our problem. This is another problem …

When we try to solve any of our problem that problem goes worse than ever before. This is another problem … We have two types of problems, one is our local type of problems and other is our imported type of problems. Both types of problems are rapidly growing. This is another problem …

Either (on one hand) we apply a political solution or (on other hand) we apply a military solution, both left us with some other new problems. This is another problem … While dealing with our core problems, now we are also dealing with our corrupt political and military leaders. This is another problem … In the search of solutions with have collected so many other problems. This is another problem …

We have a magical judiciary, far more capable than judiciary of America and China. Our Judiciary is capable to turn black into white and white into black. Our Judiciary is capable to turn the most wanted into innocent and the innocent to most wanted. This is another problem …

Our core departments like education, health, agriculture, environment, transportation, communication and many other departments remained under the leadership of irrelevant and uneducated ministers. With their day & night experiments our departments become sicker and the ministers were corrupt as too. This is another problem …

There is a life of everything, while we were experimenting, we know that we lost our one hand. Today, we are not caring about our other hand. This is another problem … We know we have a common enemy but we are fighting with each other. This is another problem …

We all know about our 100s of Problems. We all can write on our 100s of problems. We all can discuss about our 100s of problems. This is another problem … We hardly write about any solution. We hardly discuss and share any solution. We hardly help ourselves. We hardly try help each other. This is another problem …

We hardly think positive. Pakistan is 5% about the Government and 95% about the people of Pakistan. But we never think like this. This is another problem …

Government always tries to manage public that is never possible. How a 5% government can Manage 95% public? This is another problem …

Government should try to assist public that is easily possible. A 5% government must have 95% public ownership? But government never thinks so … This is another problem …


“If we will always do, what we always did, we will always get, what we always got.” We need to change ourselves at all levels. This is one solution…

Good governance will never happen with bad people. Relevant qualified people must be applied to relevant jobs. This is another solution… Every destiny has its defined path, without defining our paths we cannot achieve anything. This is another solution…

Our country is not based on any national model so the whole structure is tilting. That’s why, it’s easy for every government to temper or re-engineer our system. We must create a national model of the country and we must ensure its implementation and continuation at all level. This is another solution…

If poor people are not being addressed in any sitting government, it is definitely a poor government. Poor people must be addressed at all level. This is another solution… Every solution is a problem as if we deal it stupidly and every problem is an opportunity provided we deal it wisely. This is another solution…

We are wasting our natural resources, whereas developed nations are turning their waste to resources. We should manage our natural resources property. This is another solution…

We have different social classes and we treat every class differently either it’s in education, health and/or other public services. We can boost public and private partnerships to eliminate these gaps and differences as well as we can improve quality of services for everyone. This is another solution…

Our governments are not used to speak truth to our people. Transparency and accountability must be ensured and there should be ownership of public in all critical decisions. This is another solution…

There must be a proper regulation authority for standardization of weights, measures, charges, fees, billings, rents and rates. We must ensure products & services quality. Taxation at all level must be standardized and everyone should be in circle. This is another solution…

Key institutions like the State Bank, FBR, AGP, NACTA, IB, FIA, NAB, FPSC, etc., must be strengthen, hiring must be based on merit and all institutions must be free from any political and/or any other intervention. This is another solution…

We must initiate national level social, cultural and educational activities, for example, a Razakar Force for young men and women trained in martial arts; monsoon tree plantation campaigns in collaboration with agriculture departments, adult literacy centers, libraries, urban clean up campaigns using volunteers, etc. This is another solution…

Pakistan should become a better member of the global community by increasing participation in United Nations activities. Pakistan should also participate more in international regimes to eradicating global crimes. Pakistan should emphasize on strengthening of relations within the frameworks of ECO, SCO, SAARC, and OIC. This is another solution…

We must engage experts and professionals to establish special think tank groups for all sectors to resolve our various chronic national issues. This is another solution… We must give right to vote to overseas Pakistanis. Special seats must be given in the National Assembly for which the entire overseas community be considered as a single electoral constituency. This is another solution…

In the private education sector where corrupt practices exist, education may not be employed to make quick and easy money. We must know what we are doing with your young generation. Our government and privation educational institutions must provide practical and applied knowledge to our youth so their career could be secure. This is another solution…

We hardly produce technical people in accordance of our national need and demand, due to our financial limitations. This is unfortunate that our specialized masters and graduates more often switch their careers to other fields. We must ensure proper utilization of our talent pool. This is another solution…

There must be revival of local government system so we could better manage and utilize our resource. In addition to this, we could better address to our local people especially people of remote areas. This is another solution…

The south Punjab promise be carried out immediately. A task force must be established for the purpose. Later, Pakistan must be divided into at least 10 provinces. Punjab into three: central, north and south. Sindh into two: north and south and so on. This is another solution…

Energy, water and gas are our basic need of life and we are running with their worse shortage, while generating new resource we must work rapidly on energy conservation, water conservation and gas conservation and we should ensure to add these subjects in our national curriculum and training programs. This is another solution…

Rather experience based promotion in public sectors, we must ensure performance based promotions. Government jobs are always taken for granted because there is not termination system or very weak termination system. Government officers those are not performing well, they all must go home. This is another solution…

The parliament’s performance is always poor, this is unfortunate that we have to bear them for 5 years either they perform well or perform nothing. There must be a probation period, as if they perform well they may continue, as if they perform nothing they must be terminated or at least trained for their jobs, rather damaging the whole institution. This is another solution…

Justice is always in time, there must be regular screening of all officers as well as ministers. If there is any corruption in any department or in any project, it must be fixed at the moment, rather we give time to corrupt people to manage their corruption and to ground all the evidence. Punishment of corruption in public sector must be a death penalty, there is nothing important than our country. This is another solution…

Focusing on employing technology in governance including Education & Learning
Crime, Victim & Justice, Workforce, Pakistanis living abroad, Parents: choosing a School, Voting, Birth/Death certificates, Travel & Passport application, Housing & Disable people, Tax & Benefits, Environment & Health service and Motoring: Driving license & Road tax. This is another solution…

Like we know our all problems, we all know solutions of our all problems. This is unfortunate that we have lack of willing to do things right, either it is on government level or it is on private level. This is another solution…

Even on personal and group level we hardly implement any solution. We love to be a part of problem rather become the part of solution. We need to change our national attitude towards change, so we can make things happened. This is another solution…



There are not enough words to describe how thankful I am to the both of you. I know I don’t show how grateful I am enough, but I really am. Thank you for your endless amounts of love. Thank you for all your support.

Thank you for making me laugh when I’m sad. Thank you for knocking some sense into me when I’m acting rash. Thank you for the meals, the birthday parties and everything in between.

Thank you for all the advice, even when I don’t take it. Thank you for working so hard to send me to school, college and university. Thanks for everything else. I know, I will never be able to repay you.

Thank you for giving me the life every child deserves and being such wonderful parents. Now I have children and I wish to be just like you.

Thank you for always being there for me. Without the two of you, I don’t know where I would be. I realize I do not thank you enough for everything. And for that, I apologize.

If I have learned anything while being away from you, it is that you are the most important people in my life and I love you both more than anything. Thank you, for everything and I promise I will work hard to make you proud.


Most of us had a special teacher that had a lasting effect on us, either for the knowledge they imparted, the wisdom they shared, the self-confidence they inspired, or all of the above, I feel myself luckiest to have many teachers like this.

I believe that every teacher we have affects us in one way or another. They have the ability to change our lives in the way they approach learning, and I have certainly been changed by every teacher I have had.

It is the teacher who ignites the fire in the minds of children, inspires them unleashing the power within and always aspire for more.

Today, I realize how much my teachers have done for me and I can say that the majority of my teachers were absolutely wonderful.

Good teachers are the ones who if need be, remove the barriers and the road blocks from their students’ paths. They are selfless and giving and are only content when their students become what they are intended to be.

Thanks to all of my teachers, they not only force me to learn, but also made me love learning. Thank you for not only being my teachers but also being my friends.

Today, I am working as a business consultant and I would like to thank all those teachers who motivated me to never give up and inspired me to achieve the best.


It is rightly said, “Friends are the family we choose ourselves”. Good friends help, guide and support us at every stage. Blessed are those who have true friends in life.

Friends are extremely important for everyone. Whether it is a toddler, a teenager, a middle aged person or an old person – everyone needs good friends around to live life to the fullest. Life becomes more enjoyable and bearable when we have good friends around.

The philosopher Aristotle said, “In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. They keep the young out of mischief; they comfort and aid the old in their weakness, and they incite those in the prime of life to noble deeds.”

We have all heard about mid-life crisis. More and more people these days are suffering from this problem. Their family, job, kids and almost everyone and everything around begins to appear as a burden to them at this age. Having good friends around at this time can help in bringing about positivity amid this emotional upheaval.

Friends are the open and free access to ultimate laughs and fun times. There is no need of topics to laugh on. Moreover, friends encourage us to try things we can never imagine doing.

I am lucky, I have really amazing friends around me. They are my strength and as important to me as my family. Without them my life would have been extremely dull and boring. Thanks to all of my friends who made me who I am now and will be in the future.


Blessings of Allah, our parents, our family, our relatives, our friends, our teachers, our society, our culture, our values, our believes, our life experiences, our learning and our knowledge all together help us to transform ourselves into a better personality, more lovable and acceptable for this difficult world.

When we start our career, either it is after our educational life or not, we realize that this world is not so easy. We feel that we are on a different planet. We realize that no one knows us. This is the time, when we have to look at this world differently, to make our different introduction and to make our different profile. On this planet, we find many new friends, many new teachers and many new stars. Sometime, we also face new enemies and realize that life is more difficult and challenging.

While going through good and bad experiences, living and working in friends and enemies, working together with seniors and juniors, we transform a family of like-minded people. This family of like-minded people, becomes our soft world and sometime a very peaceful heaven of its kind.

With the passage of time, we also realize that this world is more beautiful than our imaginations. We also realize that there are many people around us those have changed our lives. We also realize that many people around us are more than just human beings.

Like many others, I have also realized that there are so many angles around me, those are definitely more than just human beings. I am so thankful to all of you, for being in my life, for being available to me, for guiding me over the years, for making me more acceptable in my social circle, for making me happier than ever before, for making me successful in professional, social, literacy and personal life and for being so nice to me. I am grateful for everything.



Your Life is Your Message to the world. Make sure its inspiring.


A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. Always trust in yourself.


Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.


Success is not in competition, success is in creating the difference. One thing that we all have in common is that we are all different.


If we want to live a valuable life, we must add more values to our lives. We can’t increase the length of life but we can increase its depth.


“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.


If you expect nothing, you can never be disappointed. Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.


Positive things start happening in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things.


If it is real, it will never be over. You have to be real with yourself, before you can be real with anyone else.


Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.


Quran clearly defines a true path of life which leads to a successful life and a successful destiny. Follow the true path and always trust Allah.