The ILMA University Formerly IBT was set up in 2001 as a private sector institution by the Global Educational Consultants Society (GEC) to promote higher education for Pakistan`s socio-economic development. Later, it became a degree awarding University through the Act of Assembly, Government of Sindh in 2004 and through the approval granted by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HECP). Since then ILMA has been providing under-graduate in the faculties of Management Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering and Media Science. Today, with more than 16-years history of serving the academic and business communities, ILMA has reached at a stage where it has more than 3000 alumni serving the multinational companies, local private sector organizations, Government sector departments, NGOs and leading their own business ventures as successful entrepreneurs. In the intervening period, ILMA built its academic, managerial and infrastructural capacity manifold and achieved unprecedented success.

Its quality assurance mechanism has been ranked at the highest level by the Government of Sindh and the HECP both. The former has been pleased to assign ILMA, ranked no 4 by CIEC and the later has placed it in the prestigious `W` category. On the accreditation front, ILMA has distinguished itself with the few higher education institutions across the country who have got their management science and computer science programs accredited by the respective accreditation agencies. ILMA is Not for Profit Organization and is proud of its unique heritage of serving the deserving students. It has made available scholarships under various heads which are being availed by almost 80% of our students with an up to 100% relief on Tuition Fee. Despite its financial constraints, it has been expanding its infrastructure to cater to the needs of the ever increasing size of the students, thereby providing them the state of the art infrastructural and technological facilities. As a token of encouragement, the then Provincial Minister of Education of Sindh Dr. Hameeda Khoro was pleased to inaugurate the east wing of the building inducted to expand the University building in 2005 followed by inaugration of its west wing of the building by His Excellency, Mr. Shaukat Aziz, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2006.


Our vision is based on a global perspective. We aspire for a society with scientific brilliance and technological mastery matching international criteria on quality parameters. The managerial excellence would make an unprecedented leap and unmatched stride further accentuating its already accelerated momentum. This would make the nation dynamically distinct, professionally progressive and competitively superior while focused on ultimate national gain. Our vision is to see this nation emerge as a competitive citizen of the multinational society.


To promote technical and employability skills and ethical values among the graduates needed for their success through offering them relevant and challenging educational programs, fostering an orderly, caring, supportive and creative environment and brokering new and empowering connections with the industry.