Rubina Faisal, an illustrious young writer from Pakistan has already been recognized for her candid, uncomplicated and restrained writing style as she uses her pen to touch base common subjects from our daily life, she has been doing this with a great deal of enthusiasm that she has for her writing skills.

She earned her degree from “Hailey College” of Lahore and then completed M.A. in English from “F.C. College” in Lahore, Pakistan. Post her education, she had been serving to a Financial Institute as an Executive that she had to discontinue when Rubina and “Faisal Mehmood”, her husband, who has been in Financial Industry for over two decades and providing services as a CPA, migrated to Canada with their two kids, Hadi and Aleena.

Rubina, in her student life, was already keen to express her writing skills and there she always participated with College and University level forums. Her writing passion travelled along with her though, she never got enough liberty to spend her full time on writing.

Her regular writing era started when she had joined a weekly Urdu news paper and started writing weekly column. Rubina first published column was on General Zia-ul-Haq while she compared Zia with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. She expressed her own views in this attracted readers. In this column she did not insist people to agree with her views but she provided a venue to those who like to think and who may have ability to judge and who may feel the differences by own. This was noted and appreciated by readers.

It seems, this was a turning point in Rubina’s writing career, from that point, she appropriately composed her skills, aligned her Objectives, created her Mission Statement and started sparing time towards her writing projects. Though, by this time, her family was blessed with two more kids, Abdullah and Ahmed, her husband, Faisal Mehmood had also practically demonstrated his support.

Rubina Faisal, then entered in her new era, now for over eight years, she has been writing weekly columns on a regular basis, she is not only writing on politics but she covers all the living subjects, she expresses things, she puts her point of view and then leave her readers to make a decision. This aptitude is an outstanding feature of her writing where reader goes with lines and thinks the conclusion. This progressive writing is an asset for Rubina Faisal. 2011, Rubina launched her first book, a collection of her published columns while currently she is completing her second Book of her Short Stories.

Rubina also writes Poetry but apparently she does not count herself as Poetess and she feels more comfortable writing Columns, Short Stories, Stage and TV Scripts.

Rubina Faisal, is currently producing a weekly Talk Show, “Dastak”, thus far she has done over thirty programs and she has covered many different subjects. She has captured a volume viewership over the globe. Rubina is also pursuing writing TV Plays and her few themes and one liners are already in initial production phases with different TV channels.