Mr. Suleman Jazib is a Poet, Author and Journalist; He has widely acclaimed and reputed among the Pakistani Community in the United Arab Emirates.

Suleman Jazib is Chairperson of the Literary Committee of Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah. He is secretary of Pakistan’s Journalist’s Forum UAE and a long term member of Pakistan Association Dubai. He is the founder and President of, “Musfirah International”.

Born in the Pakistan’s Province of Sargodha, Punjab known also known with the name of “City of falcons” is a literally fertile land. The land has sown in him numerous talented skills under the layer of its patriotic soil. Many well-known and eminent poets, scholars have arisen from this land, the positive vibes of these literary personalities are still alive.

He believes that ‘Love’ is the name of superlative affection, nobody can understand the lingo of love unless or until he is not well introduced with the term “Love”. Suleman Jazib is a remarkable phenomenon of love who understands love’s nature. A good to nurture and kindhearted person, to meet people with love is in his blood.

He is the well-known author of his famous books published in the market lately. The two verse based Urdu books are; ‘Teri Khushbu’ (Your Fragrance) and ‘Ishq Qalander Kar Deta Hai” (Love makes you crazy). While two other books are searched based “Qatal-e-Gul” (killing of innocence; belongs to the incident of the Peshawar school kids’ killing) and ‘Soraj Dobba Nahi Karte” (Suns never set).

Suleman Jazib has received more than 50 awards, certificates and medals due to his literary services from Sharjah Book Authority, Global Village Dubai, Embassy of Pakistan UAE, Embassy of Pakistan Oman, Chamber Of Commerce, Islamabad Pakistan and many more from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arab, Oman, and Bahrain’s numerous literary organizations.

During his stay in UAE, Suleman Jazib has taken many interviews of television actor and actresses along with literary, social and commercial personalities even though many international poets have been having a cup of tea with this gentle person. Nobody can deny his those efforts he made for language Urdu to make it popular and alive language in Dubai. He is the one who did not even miss a single literary event in his life where he says his verses.

Suleman Jazib has a wide range of friends and an uncountable fans’ list, his admirers belong to every field of life. His livelihood with dynamic remarks lies in the United Arab Emirates. Today, where Suleman Jazib is standing with honour, courage and respect; everyone gives a standing ovation to him with applauded hands because all he achieved; is purely due to his own effort.