GlobBiz Avenue is a mega project of Gwadar Builders & Associates, which is a fellow organization of GBA group.GBA is a Pakistan based multinational group consisted on highly prestigious and world fame companies, which holds strong footings in the domain of business and industry and has earned a prestigious and respectable position not only in the also at international level. GBA is always keen to locate new horizons and innovative means to cater its clients with the best in the arenas.


Gwadar Builders & Associates, a sister organization of GBA and builders of GlobBiz Avenue, consisted on a team of highly skilled professionals in fields of town planning, architecture, construction engineering and horticulture, working with close collaboration to achieve the state-of-the-art perfection in all the aspects of town planning. Gwadar Builders & Associates has always done their best to make sure that their clients should have a gainful return of their money invested. It is an open proof of its devotion to work and loyalty to its customers that GlobBiz Avenue has become a symbol of success and achievements in a very short time and being considered as an icon for the development of residential and commercial area of Gwadar City.


Gwadar Builders & Associates has taken special considerations for the developments of sea-breeze area of GlobBiz Avenue, which already possesses unrivaled natural beauty, and using its architectural and imaginative genius and state-of-the-art technology Gwadar Builders & Associates has erected elegant and captivating Beach Resorts that will attract the beach lovers tourists from all over the world, and in the result sea-front of GlobBiz Avenue will turn to be a multinational cultural hub of the area, over pouring with variety of opportunities.